Value Proposition

We help you improve and accelerate the economy of your business through strategic-tactical-operational Alignment and a healthy Balance between value-to-customer, value-to-enterprise and the human-aspect

We take you through the journey of making your organization or your entire company more successful through our Lean Agile integration frameworks:
Serious LeAP™ and ToDoLAB™

Whether you are a mega-corporation or a small startup, we get you there.


Lean-Agile Adoption

The best way to maximize Lean Agile adoption in the entire organization at strategic, tactical and operational levels is through our integration models. Successful lean agile adoptions require much more than just applying methodologies and frameworks. Economy-oriented mindset, high collaboration and environment improvement are even more important. Serious LeAP™ and ToDoLAB™ are the only integration frameworks that bring you the whole solution.

Business Modeling, Roadmapping, Release Planning and Requirements Management

Ever wanted to count with more effective, less costly and less time-consuming ways of getting the job done at strategic, tactical and operational level? High Collaboration Frameworks are the simplest and more powerful way to it.

Lean Agile for program and project portfolio management

The best way to maximize your investment on Lean Agile is when its strategic and tactical level practices are also applied. Most adoptions focus on the operational level by adopting Lean Agile methodologies only and that isn’t enough.

Services and Devops management

We provide a practical and efficient approach by merging Lean and Agile modern achievements together with DevOps, in order to enhance the scope and depth of the improvement process.

Agile Testing & Test Automation

Because you care about delivering value to your customers and your business successfully, we provide techniques, tools, experience and certifications in Agile Testing and Test Automation to integrate quality in the process from first contact with the customer all the way through design, generation, delivery and follow up of your products and services. We do it for you or we help you learn how to do it yourself. Whichever works best for your organization.

Scrum Adoption at a Coporate Level

We offer a framework for Scrum adoption for upper management and leadership roles (Products Owners and Scrum Masters), their interactions and the way they work with clients and the project team.

Kanban Adoption at Corporate Level

Kanban is a Lean-agile method also referred to as a second-generation agile methodology. It adapts to your organization and project needs very rapidly and allows your team to operate at a very high level of productivity.

Executive Coaching

Elevate your business way above the competition on the customer value and internal value fronts. Your investors and stakeholders will love it. We are always available to you.

Corporate and Individual Training

Our team of world-class trainers are extremely well qualified because they have industry experience so you and your team learn from our experience. We execute training and certification on Scrum, Kanban, Agile Testing and High Collaboration Frameworks.

Who we are

We are a world leader on lean agile transformation and high collaboration frameworks for knowledge work organizations at large and small scale. We have in-depth understanding of the mindset, the human aspect, methodologies, frameworks, tools and techniques to successfully make you capable of delivering the highest value to your customers, improving the economy at your organization and elevating the quality of work life. Our experience with customers from diverse industries such as Internet, Telecom, IT, Financial, Aviation, Cybersecurity, High Tech, Insurance, Energy, Water, Fashion, Legal, and Education prove it.

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