Norberto Santellan

Co-founder and Commercial Director

team-nsantellanWhit over 20 years of experience on high-tech management, Norberto is co-founder and VP Biz Dev at Valueinnova Latin American. He specializes on business development and on solutions innovation and integration.

Norberto has focused recently on strategic coaching based on his successful models based on value generations , natural integrations and a new strategy for organizational communication and relations. He has also consulted very successfully for the Health and Agriculture industries as well as for the public sector.

Previously, he was a development manager at IAFIS Cono Sur, a commercial director at Human Capital Consulting and at Orden Argentina. He was the CEO and founder of INTCORD.

Taking Nature as a permanent model and reference, Norberto is passionate about thrilling people at organizations, companies or institutions, making them feel the need for change and turning them into its actors, establishing a new style of relationships driving them to create a common project and enjoy a collective success.