Enterprise Metamorphosis

Digital transformation falls short. Three factors must exist in the enterprise to thrive and lead in today's world: A transformation founded on a systems level mindset that takes into account the human aspect, a social impact purpose that differentiates you from the competition, and a growth goal. That's an enterprise metamorphosis with exponential economic return.

Valueinnova's enterprise metamorphosis is based on Masa K. Maeda's Serious LeAP® model that integrates mindset, human aspect, frameworks and methodologies in a congruent way for a better lean-agile enterprise transformation. It helps you balance and align your organization—its people and processes—which results in economic hyper growth. Its components are compatible and applicable at the strategic, tactical and operational levels of your organization. The Human Aspect and the Mindset components are soft-skill fundamentals that help improve behavior and decision making at your organization. The Frameworks & Methodologies component a set of hard-skills that, as you will learn in detail later, are divided into High Collaboration Frameworks (HCFs) and Lean-agile Methodologies that increase your capability to create high-value and high quality products and services.

  • The Mindset component covers Ecosystems Thinking, 1st and 2nd generation Lean Thinking, and Agile thinking. Ecosystems thinking considers the diverse components of the entire organization and the context(s) within which it operates to understand how all those components interact and influence each other. Lean has to do with value flow. First generation lean thinking covers the knowledge that originated in Lean for manufacture that is applicable in knowledge work (not everything from manufacture is applicable therefore it is very important to understand what-why-how to apply that knowledge). Second generation Lean is that which already originated in knowledge work. Agile has to do with frequent delivery of small chunks of value.

  • The Human Aspect component has to do with psychology in general and covers Behavioral Economics and Organizational Behavior. Behavioral economics helps understand the economic impact behind the way we make decisions so that we become better at it. Organizational behavior helps us improve the way we collaborate and communicate.

  • Frameworks has to do with collaborative participation tools that help us do value-added work at strategic, tactical and operational levels in a functional way that end up in higher quality results compared to the traditional way of doing that same work. It applies the Mindset and the Human Aspect.

  • Methodologies covers lean-agile methodologies such as Kanban, Scrum, XSCALE, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, agile at scale and other.

Serious LeAP® is industry-agnostic, applicable anywhere knowledge work takes place in your organization.

An advantage of counting with an integration model is that it helps your organization eliminate categorical thinking, which is a core reason why organizations think and operate in silos.

Serious LeAP® is applicable at all three levels of the organization—strategic, tactical and operational. Executives and upper management will find more useful the Human Aspect, Mindset and some HCFs than the Methodologies. Middle management and teams will find more useful the Methodologies & Frameworks than the soft skills. If you are an executive or director your interest might be on the strategy related portions of the model. If you are a manager or team leader then you might be eager to learn the tactical and operational parts. If you are a team member then the operational part is for you.

With Serious LeAP® everybody is a contributor. Executive level decisions and actions have a better, more solid, bearing because they are better aligned with the reality of their organization. Managers are able to focus on value added activities that improve their teams interactions and the customer involvement. Individual contributors get more things done better the first time, eliminating a lot of the frustration and overtime that results from activities such as rework, miscommunication, impractical processes, and other.

At process level,  Serious LeAP® is customizable to your business needs thanks to its industry-agnostic nature.  It covers the entire value flow, from first contact with the customer to product vision, MVP definitions, design, value generation and delivery. The four components of Serious LeAP™ are applied all along the way in an integral fashion throughout the entire value flow. It is designed for large scale and small scale adoption.

In addition to the six base tracks (the arrow band on top of the model), the high flexibility of Serious LeAP® makes it possible to generate new tracks that fit your needs. With it your efficiency and efficacy goest to the roof, your customers are happier than ever and your business flourishes.

Serious LeAP landed01.png