Lean-Agile Quality Assurance & Testing

When we say "Quality always comes first" we mean it. All of the organization's activities should be done in a way that ensures high quality to avoid re-work and to deliver value successfully to its customers.

In Quality Driven Value Generation (QDVG) we consider the entire organization's ecosystem and how each of its parts interact and influence each other to then determine how to improve them as a whole and, more importantly, how they interact. That brings a deep and broad understanding of the ecosystem that's hard to beat by any other approach. 

Our approach to upfront understanding and to value generation is done in good part through high collaboration frameworks to many  value-added activities and value generation work is driven by user acceptance criteria and lean-agile testing. We count* with highly qualified and internationally certified Lean-Agile teams and also with DevOps and Development teams.

*through out technical partners whose technical teams are managed by our coaches.