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Lean-Agile Enterprise Metamorphosis with Serious LeAP® Certification

(Four-Part Certification)

Practitioner certification granted by Valueinnova

Enterprise transformation is a complex endeavor. So far executives have had to contemplate bringing experts to help improve separate pieces of the organization. As good as those experts might be​ there are three strong drawbacks. First is that, as good as those experts might be, given the silo nature of those solutions there is no guarantee that they are compatible with each other. Second is the large amount of time that it would take to do those improvement, plus its asynchronicity. Third is the high costs behind such silo approach.

Valueinnova's enterprise metamorphosis is based on Masa K. Maeda's Serious LeAP® model that integrates mindset, human aspect, frameworks and methodologies in a congruent way for a better lean-agile enterprise transformation. Given the extensive nature of the Serious LeAP® model Practitioner Certification is the conclusion of obtaining a certification for each one of its four components. Once the four certifications are obtained the Lean-Agile Enterprise Metamorphosis with Serious LeAP® Practitioner certification is automatically granted.

How is it useful?

Learning Serious LeAP® to conduct lean-agile enterprise metamorphosis gives you and your organization a practical and economic advantage. The transformation activities at the diverse areas of the organization will be compatible, it will take less time and cost less. 

Am I Eligible?

This training is for the professional interested on acquiring the skills to effectively transform its organization. There are no pre-requisites but given the large amount of ground covered it is of great advantage to have some knowledge and practice with  on lean for knowledge work and with agile.

Duration and Training Agenda

This certification training is divided in four parts, each part builds from the previous one in the order shown here. Once you have all four certifications the Serious LeAP® Practitioner certification is granted.

  1. Serious LeAP® Mindset Certification (2 days)

    1. Why Serious LeAP® is relevant​

      1. The Economic ecosystem

      2. The ​Serious LeAP® Model

      3. A perspective of Mindset

      4. Business success

        1. What we should measure

        2. Value, Quality and Innovation

      5. The Cynefin Model

      6. Systems thinking

        1. The equalizer

        2. Applying systems thinking

        3. Instant gratification

        4. Resistance to change

        5. The understanding worker

      7. First generation Lean thinking​​​

        1. Flow efficiency

        2. Waste

        3. Variation

        4. The five focusing steps of the theory of constraints

        5. Lean principles

        6. Continuous improvement and disruptive improvement

      8. Second Generation Lean thinking

        1. An economic perspective

        2. The economics of queue management

        3. The economics of variability

        4. The economics of batch sizes

        5. The economics of limiting work in progress

        6. The economics of controlling flow

        7. The economics of feedbacks

        8. The economics of decentralized control

      9. Agile thinking

        1. The Agile manifesto

        2. The declaration of interdependence

        3. The lean-agile prism​​​​

  2. Serious LeAP® Human Aspect Certification (1 day)

    1. The six freedoms​, congruence and power

    2. The three environments

      1. Passive environment​

      2. Active environment

      3. Self environment

      4. Who is the customer?

    3. Communication and the effective team

      1. Efficiency and effectiveness​

      2. Communication patterns under stress

      3. Rules

      4. Powerful questions

      5. Non-verbal communication

    4. The economics of decision making and biases

      1. The two mind systems

      2. Making decisions while busy

      3. What you wish and what you go for

      4. The importance of context

      5. Time is on your side if...

      6. The freedom of limited options

      7. Risk aversion and risk affinity

      8. Work under pressure

    5. Motivation​

      1. Rethinking motivation​

      2. Ways of increasing intrinsic motivation

    6. Leadership​

      1. Management and leadership​

      2. The maturity of Leadership

      3. Transactional and transformational leadership

      4. Servant Leadership

      5. Leaderless Leadership

    7. Happiness and joy​

  3. Serious LeAP® High Collaboration Frameworks Certification (1 day).

    1. Introduction to High Collaboration Frameworks

      1. Background​

      2. Definitions

    2. Moderation

      1. The facilitator and facilitation​​

      2. The observer​ and observation

      3. The human factor and feel-o-meter

    3. Materials

    4. Strategic roadmapping (Large Marble)

    5. Understanding the state of quality, risk, and the project (Lighthouse)

    6. Effectiveness of value flow throughout the value chain (Tug of war)

    7. Project or Feature prioritization during program or project planning (VRE prioritization)

    8. Human resources identification and allocation (Dating game)

    9. Rapid requirements generation, categorization and prioritization (K2)

    10. Introspection at team and team-member level (Moi map)

    11. Execution breakdown (Story flow mapping)

    12. Uncovering critical aspects that affect the organization (Two toppings)

    13. Data gathering, processing and interpretation

    14. High Collaboration Frameworks online

  4. Serious LeAP® Methodologies certification (1.5 days).

    1. The Kanban method

      1. Principles

      2. Practices
      3. Quantitative management

    2. Scrum

      1. Principles

      2. The Scrum framework​

    3. XP breviary​

    4. XSCALE​ overview

      1. Exponential return​

      2. Simplicity

      3. Continuous optimization of throughput

      4. Autonomous team, self-managing teams

      5. Learning organizations

      6. Ecosystems thinking

    5. SAFe breviary

    6. LeSS breviary


This credit is granted also if you already got another High Collaboration Frameworks certification.

This credit is granted also if you already got certifications on the topics included. If you only have some of them then you can attend the missing topics.