Apr 23, 9:00 AM – Apr 25, 5:00 PM

Mountainland Technical College: Lehi Cam, 2301 Ashton Blvd, Lehi, UT 84043, USA


DevOps Foundation

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CP-DOF stands for “Certified Professional – DevOps Foundation” certification prepared and honored by Agile Testing Alliance.

The course is applicable for all roles and knowledge, experience & certification is consciously designed all the roles in DevOps. CP-DOF is the only globally recognized certification program which has the following key advantages:

  • Completely hands on.

  • 100% Lab/Tools Driven

  • Covers all the tools in entire lifecycle

  • You will not only learn but experience the entire DevOps lifecycle.

  • Practical Assessment to help you solidify your learnings

    The program covers end to end DevOps lifecycle using a complete tool chain. The program setup is provided through a sandbox where the participants get to learn the concepts by practicing exercises.

How is it useful?

Leading organizations have adopted the DevOps approach to deliver in-time software. DevOps has quickly become the most hyped, overused and ambiguous term in IT. It is being used to reference everything from job titles (DevOps is not a job title!) to technology practices, but the truth is that DevOps is more of a culture than anything else. It is about transformation, about building quality in, improving productivity and about automation in Dev, Testing and Operations.

CP-DOF is a one of its kind initiative to marry 2 distinct worlds of Agile andOperations together. Learn DevOps fundamentals along with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and deep dive into DevOps concepts and mind-set. CP-DOF is the first step in DevOps roadmap. Certified CP-DOF professionals are eligible for next level of certification called CP-DOF Advanced.

Am I eligible?

There are no pre-requisites for this certification. Any IT professional interested in truly understanding DevOps can do this course.

Duration: CP-DOF is designed specifically for corporates and working professionals alike. If you are a corporate and can’t dedicate full day for training, then you can opt for either 6 half days course or 3 full days course which is followed by theory and practical exams.


Training Agenda

  • Getting started

    Welcome and Introductions, CPDOF Certification criteria

    Overview of DevOps, DevOps++ Alliance and certification portfolio

    Market Survey

  • DevOps Fundamentals

    Recall Waterfall and Agile concepts

    Differences within Dev and Ops Teams

    DevOps and Agile

    DevOps Definition and need

    DevOps history

    Shift left approach to Ops

    DevOps Principles

    Benefits achieved using DevOps, trends towards faster delivery

    DevOps Life Cycle and need of tools

  • Software Configuration Management (SCM)

    Purpose and Basic Concepts of SCM

    Main SCM Activities

    Need of SCM for testers

    SCM Tools – basic features

    SCM Tool Overview and usag

    Features of GIT

    Linux, Vim , Git Exercise

    Practice Git commands, Create Git account, Git Repository creation and usage

    Publishing to Github/Gitlab, modify, delete, track, check logs for git repositories

    Automated Software Build process

  • Maven – as a Build tool

    Maven Build Life Cycle and Goals

    Maven build file POM.xm

    Basic Maven commands

  • Continuous Integration

    Need of CI, definition and usage

    Benefits and uses of CI

    CI Build ingredients

    Frequency of build, how to build and when to build

    Steps to CI success

    CI Workflow and T

    Continuous Integration/Delivery (CI) [Maven, Jenkins]

  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins

    Jenkins Overview and History

    Jenkins in CI/CD Workflow

    Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

    Main features of Jenkins

    Setup, Building and Reporting using Jenkins

    Create Jenkins Jobs for building Maven project


    Repository Management [Git, (Artifatory]

    Best Practices Version Management and Control

    Automated Build using Jenkins

    Continuous Testing

    Concept of TDD

  • Automated Test Scripts

    Unit Tests

    Functionals Tests - Selenium Test

    Definition of Done

    Static Code Analysis using PMD

  • Checking Code Coverage

    Setting up Cobertura Coverage Reports

  • Infrastructure Management

    Cloud Containers using Docker

    Docker Architecture and Overview

    Docker vs VM and benefits of Docker

    Docker images, containers and usage

    Docker commands

    Improved Deployment Process

    Infrastructure as Code

    Container Orchestration


    Pods, Labels, Kubelets, proxies

    Docker and Kubernetes

  • Automated Deployment Tool – Ansible

    Ansible definition and principles

    Ansible architecture

    Ansible yml file – deploy.yml overview

    Deploy using Jenkins Job and Ansible

    End-to-end project

    Anytime Deployable software building culture

  • Continuous Delivery

    Continuous Monitoring and Logging – overview

    Simian Army - (Simian Monkeys - Conformity, Janitor, Chaos)

    DevOps end-to-end pipeline and tool chain

    DevOps Jargon Anti-patterns Myths Culture/ Values

    Create and use Docker VM effortlessly

    Continuous Monitoring

  • Dashboards using tools like Grafana and Nagios

  • Tools

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